the game has loaded, click on PLAY. Then you move to play with the arrows, using the key K to jump, J to shoot and change weapons with the keys N , M, L , F and S.




Metal Slug features the formidable squad Peregrine Falcons ( the elite troops of the regular army ) facing the rebel army of General Morden, a caricature of Saddam Hussein.

In Metal Slug 2 , Metal Slug X ( a remake of Metal Slug 2) and Metal Slug 3 , Peregrine Falcons , joined by Sparrows Intelligence Agency ( intelligence service in the regular army ) are fighting back against the rebel army General Morden but also against supernatural threats facing this occasion mummies, mutants, zombies, yetis , and the aliens.

Metal Slug 4 returns to a more realistic story , describing a new confrontation with the rebel army of General Morden amid cyber- terrorism.

Finding a supernatural inspiration, Metal Slug 5 opposes the regular army in the Ptolemaic army, led by a self-styled guru possessed by a demonic power and so have magical powers. The aliens have their place in Metal Slug 6 and the rebel army of the future arrives in Metal Slug 7 .


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